Meditation Download: Warrior of the Highest Vibration

Warrior of the Highest Vibration

A Powerful and Empowering Guided Meditation

Length:  10 minutes

Purpose:  healing, empowering, inspiring, motivating, uplifting

Price: $-Donations Graciously Accepted.  All donations will go towards supporting the movement initiated by Wendy Ludlow, LCSW:  Warrior of The Highest Vibration.  Donations will provide financial aide for low-income children in need of play therapy, and low-income Social Workers in need of clinical training.

A relaxing, motivational meditation sure to uplift your spirits, and charge you with the motivation to neutralize negative energy, and to take action in your life which will support your highest goals, dreams, and aspirations.  This meditation is for anyone, and is particularly good for therapists, healers of any kind, artists, musicians, poets, parents, spiritual seekers, and anyone wanting to utilize their body as a conduit to support transformation and vision within oneself, and within the collective consciousness.  This is an uplifting, empowering, calming, and balancing meditation.  Use in the morning, at bed time, before a meeting, for focus, and/or for relaxation.  Use for Motivation, Empowerment, and Healing.  Aho!

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