“Finding Om” by Wendy Ludlow, LCSW, RPT-S

“Finding Om” by Wendy Ludlow, LCSW, RPT-S

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A Guide for Therapists/Teachers/Caregivers (includes a story, activity sheets with explanations, and resources) on the path of teaching Mindfulness skills and skills that support healthy emotional regulation.  Link for Video referenced in the Guide Please go to:  https://youtu.be/PXBdX0uHiN4

Purpose: Finding Om” by Wendy Ludlow is Guide for Therapists, Teachers, and Caregivers on Mindfulness activities and strategies.  It starts with a story about “Om”, and Who “Om” is (Om is the calm of your center).   Om is presented as a character that expands our perception and supports our heart at staying calm and connected.  While a great story for all ages, the guide is geared to support those who work with children.  Activities are laid out for therapists/teachers to use with individuals or groups on mindfulness.  Skills to support healthy emotional regulation and problem solving skills are easily laid out and explained. Information pages, links, and easy to implement strategies become your tools!

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