About Wendy Ludlow, LCSW, RPT-S

Wendy Ludlow, LCSW, RPT-S


Registered Play Therapist – Supervisor
Training Provider for The Association for Play Therapy


Wendy Ludlow; a Texan Native, has spent the last 20 years in the Bronx, NY.   A mother, artist, sound healer, aromatherapist, musician, author,  and psychotherapist,  Ms. Ludlow has developed a therapeutic modality which she calls “OmPlay”, or Multi-Sensory Resonance Therapy.  OmPlay is about self-development, manifestation, abundance, artistic expression, and inner/relational/systemic resonance.  With a background in the study of  Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Child/Person Centered Therapy, Positive Psychology, Sound/music and art Ms. Ludlow believes that when given a conducive environment and a supportive guided atmosphere transformation is inevitable.  That said, Ms. Ludlow has created a studio experience and feel for her clients of all ages.  Activities for each of the senses are available, as well as directive skill based teachings for inner peace and resonance. From guided meditations to making aromatherapy spritzs (in the scent which YOU create), to thought and patterning re-structuring and coping strategy development is what you will find at OmPlay.

As a Clinical Trainer, Ms. Ludlow believes in nothing other than kind, supportive, skill-based training which will support a clinicians development of their own unique style.  A common theme, however, is to enhance clinicians understanding of the importance of the integration of the mind/body/energy system/creative centers, and the 5 senses.  Ms. Ludlow has been a training provider for The Association for Play Therapy.

My Story


My dad died when I was just 11 and it was a profound experience for me. I visited my mom’s therapist with her on one occasion. The results? Disaster! My mom began to cry and the therapist sent me out of the room – Never to return. On some level I knew then that there was a better way and that when grown up I would be a force for understanding on behalf of children and people in general. Supporting adaptive emotional development, transformation, and the skills to self-create and manifest is my purpose. I aim to support and guidance to anyone undergoing a challenging transition or any journey of self-development.

I understand first hand what it is like to feel like you are in the wrong life, the wrong place, or the wrong circumstances. I spent over 10 years in my own psychotherapy as an adult, and continue to utilize spiritualized healing. Energy work has been an important aspect of my journey and it is offered through sound, aromatherapy, thought work, and IET (Integrated Energy Therapy). One doesn’t just stop developing one day, and having the space to create transformation is critical. OmPlay is a creation for just that: self-transformation. My mission is to support clients to their inner healing shaman. We each have our own healing system available to us – all we have to do is be open to it’s access.

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